The Sound Of Freedom

I am making a radio-documentary about some of the oldest hippie-communities in the world. I want to make it into a series. Each broadcast will portray a community and a final episode will be dedicated to comparisons, in search of solutions to typical problems and the essence of the phenomenon of intentional communities.

What these places have in common is that they were founded in the time and spirit of what is often referred to as the Age of Aquarius, or simply New Age. Countless thousands of conscious-hungry idealists, usually from the West, decided to create their own communities, where no one was going to be the boss and life was about sharing and caring for the Earth.

A veritable movement was started then, and it is still growing stronger today. But while the majority of the early communities didn’t stand the test against societal and individual pressure, only a few mother ships still thrive today in their evermore capitalized surroundings. These places fascinate me and they have so far given me some of my most real and happy times.

It has been my experience that these intentional communities are the chaotic sum of a bunch of passionate people in constant and deliberate disagreement with each other. Meanwhile, the places seem to be run by the Grace of the Great Spirit, and with up to five decades in the making, three generations have now consolidated some solid communal identities.

So far I have recorded more than a hundred hours of interviews and events from Auroville  in South India, Nimbin in Australia and Tui Community in New Zealand. About 3 years into this project, I have still only just started… Obviously the first community I lived in, Christiania, is also on the list, as is Findhorn in Scotland, Damanhur in Italy, Ruigoord in Holland and plenty more out there…

At this point I am only editing, but I have a keen interest in expanding my knowledge about this parallel world of community dwellers, so if you know of a community like these, I am very interested in knowing more about it.

Please contact me!



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  2. seedwalkabout
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:05:01

    Hi Cornelius… Hope all is well, how s the doco going? If you wanna include Billen Cliffs community outside Nimbin, it s a beautiful place, good people… that s where I am till i get back to South America (met you doing service in Chai Tent, Rocky River Corroborree… once we were both waiting for the Ginger-man!).. Stay cool up in the tropics! Love your musings! Bless your journey and many projects. Julia


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  5. Marc:
    Sep 13, 2015 @ 08:08:41

    Brother Cornelius- Much love to you and all positive vibrations for your passions. You inspire me man. ❤


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