Taking On Big City Sydney

It was time to leave Lake Moogerah and my nomadic soul was cheerfully impatient. My travelling companion Anton and I had done the agreed 3 months of work at the adventure camp in exchange for an incredible life experience, a gift on so many levels if not financially. We were running low on dough and the plan was as old as the industrial revolution: Hitting the big city in search of well-paid work – we were going to Sydney.

Now where did that image go?

A view of the City Business District from Darling Harbour. Strange to know that there are so very few places in this incredibly big country where you can see skyscrapers instead of just bush, bush and more bush.

Near the end of our stay we had visitors from home. Kir and Ruth Anna are down under for a holiday from the Freetown and it was surreal and wonderful to suddenly see them in this tucked away corner of rural Australia. When the time was up, they decided to come South with us. With Swedish Jen from the camp also heading South, we came to be 5 people with luggage for 8, trying to fit into a regular sedan. It took us a whole day to pack up the car.

Now where did that image go?

Australians generally find it too strange that I’ve never had a car before in my life. I find it too wonderful! It might look like a gran’pa car, but with leather interior, electric sunroof and a powerful V6 engine it feels more like a luxury cruiser when you drive it.