New Zealand Snapshot Stories

Sometimes it is so much more descriptive to explain a story from a picture, and sometimes there are too many stories too tell in one blog post. So,ย I have put together this little gallery, showing you some of the memorable people and places I met and visited in New Zealand. There are scores more apart from these (I have had a very busy half a year in terms of meeting people) but I only had a camera for half of the time…

Anyway, hope you enjoy, click on a picture to begin!

Auckland Adventures

Now where did that image go?

Like any decent city, Auckland has its own landmark – the Skytower – and although there are barely half a million inhabitants, in terms of area Auckland is roughly 4.5 times larger than New York!

After a year of beating around the bush in Australia, I decided to hit up the big city life in New Zealand for a little while. Seeing that I was actually arriving in the country’s biggest city – Auckland – I figured that this would be a good place to get my urban culture fix, so I promptly went searching on the fabulous website couch surfing.

Now where did that image go?

The awesome and awe-inspiring Anna Cruse who hosted me for 5 eventful days.

It was to be the seriously interesting belly-dancer, martial art expert and circus acrobat Anna Cruse and her two trusted knights who became my generous hosts for my 5 days of Auckland adventures. Actually, without them, I am not so sure that I could have even titled this post in this fashion. On the very first night I thus ended up at a fully-fledged Goth partyย where I saw some very wonderful burlesque dance and had the dubious pleasure of getting electrocuted by the Auckland phenomenon Professor Boris Van Galvin.