Beating Around The Bush In A Bus

I caught a ride through Australia, hitching with Timmo from Finland and Ben from Mullumbimby in a fine Toyota Coaster. Eardrum and Ananda were the generous stewards of this old beauty of a bus, and the stories of their adventures could easily have taken us all around Australia a couple of times.

Now where did that image go?

Chillin’ in the bush on the Gregory Development Road. That’s Eardrum saying fuck you mate. Don’t take it personal. He’s actually a great guy. Just make sure he eats.

They were leaving only 30km from where I was at, and they drove me about 2100 km North (yes I know there are 2 zeros there). Three days of driving and we’re still in the same country. We took the inland road instead of the coast. Bush. More bush. Bush. Sleep. Bush. Bit of desert. Bush, bush, bush then sleep. Then bush, bush, bush, bush, desert, bush, bush and then suddenly tropical mountains.

The five of us were damn near delirious when we celebrated our 3 days of solid driving with fish’n’chips & beers in cosy Kuranda – the village in the rainforest. Along the way we had seen and felt the endless miles of shrub and dry heat (Nevada go home), heard the rare sound of our inner songs in the spinning wheels of the bus, and tasted the distances of our lives in the dust on its windscreen.

What a trip. I could tell you a story, but you really did have to have been there…