My Worst Fears…

Traveling is dangerous. Mothers and insurance companies will tell you that. I have both, and I can tell you that it is indeed true; traveling is dangerous. All kinds of tourist-targetting thugs, creapy creatures, devilish diseases and corrupted cops are out there to get you.

Now where did that image go?

Not to mention the “drop-bears”!

Australia has all of the above and then some. This is the kind of land where you knock your boots in the morning and walk with heavy steps at night. It is creepy-crawly country. It is also catastrophe country. Roads, buildings, cars, yourself – all of it is subject to heavy floods, wildfire, cyclones and the like.

Even partying is apprently dangerous in Australia. 8 days from now, I will be at the Eclipse 2012 festival in Northen Queensland out in the bush somewhere. Until a few days ago, all I knew about this festival was that there will be a complete solar eclipse, the music will be great, the company outstanding and I get to volunteer in the backstage area! More