The Art Of Applying


I’ve come across a most interesting position as a fencer in the remote areas around Broome in Western Australia. No, not the sword-sport, but putting up cattle fences out in the bush, sleeping under the sky and working in the sun all day. Like some western movie. And the guy’s name was Kurt Finger! He grew up on the land, probably an outback legend. Why not?

On behalf of my dear friend Anton and myself, I sent the following mail to the man with the great name. I believe job applications are art pieces in their own right. This is really one of my better applications if I may say so myself. So if you’re into that sort of thing, here’s one for the gallery:

G’Day Sir,

We are two mates – from Ireland and Denmark – who have come to Australia to look for work. We saw your ad on the Internet and thought this would be just the kind of thing we are looking for. Below you will find a brief resume from us both.

We are both hard workers from rural backgrounds and we have worked as a contracting team on numerous occasions throughout the last 7 years in Copenhagen and Europe. We enjoy camping out and self-reliant lifestyles and between the two of us we have been roughing it in nearly half of the world, working and travelling. Make no mistake, we know that this is hard work in a different and difficult environment, but we are up for the challenge!

Being on our 1st Working Holiday Visa, we are looking to do at least 3 months of regional work to enable us a 2nd year visa and from there on possibly a sponsorship. Under this scheme, we can, unfortunately, only work for any one company for up to 6 months at a time, but we are looking into how that works if we are ABN registered. In any case, the time frame for us at the moment, would be 3-6 months, but we would be happy to extend that if possible.

We are ready to start from the 5th of October, but would need about 10 days off from November 8-18 as we have prior engagements in North Cairns at that time.

We’ll be honest with you; we came here to make some bucks, so we’d like to ask you how much we are looking at salary-wise?

Here are two brief summaries on us both:

Anton White Orbaek
Age: 28
Nationality: Irish/Danish
Qualifications: Mechanical Engineer Technician (Dublin), Master in Sustainable Technologies (Copenhagen),
Relevant Work Experience: Construction (carpentry, concrete-work, welding etc.); Farming; Maintenance; Casual Labouring and more.
Extra: Hard Worker; Self-motivated; Experienced Arc-Welder; Knows his way around a number of heavy duty machines i.e. tractors, diggers, bobcats etc.

Cornelius Lundsgaard
Age: 32
Nationality: Danish
Qualifications: Jack-of-all-Trades (school of life)
Relevant Work Experience: Construction (carpentry, concrete-work, flooring, plumbing); Farming; Maintenance; Casual Labouring and much much more.
Extra: Hard Worker; Self-motivated; Danish Fork-Lift Certificate; Has worked on ships; Fluent English; Knows his way around a number of heavy duty machines i.e. tractors, diggers, bobcats etc.

We hope to hear from you in the near future!


Anton and Cornelius

Mr. Finger got back to us very quickly, but it turned out the wages were much too small to make it worth the relocation to tropical Broome. I hope to get there eventually though, sounds like a beautiful place in a rough sort of way…

Keep dreaming out there folks, thanks for checking in!