Making The Most Of Moogerah


It’s been a highly rewarding beginning of a year on so many levels. For one thing it has been the peak of summer instead of cold and dark winter. The pre-programmed hibernation/depression that every Dane is born with never kicked in this year. That’s nice. Although I must admit that a few times I’ve actually missed a bit of urban cave-dwelling around a wood-fired stove with the friends. Especially When Christmas rolled over I felt a bit of longing, but then again, it was hard to stay regretfull on the tropical beaches of Stradbroke Island with my best mate Anton.

Now where did that image go?

The only white about my Christmas was the crest on the waves and the froth on my beer (and the color of my ass compared to my suntanned back).

So where have I been exactly? Well, those of you who know me well will probably have a hard time picturing this, but I have been staying at an adventure sports camp by the scenic Lake Moogerah. Camp Moogerah is kind of like a permanent summer-camp where schools and other groups come to enjoy the great views and do kayaking, climbing, water-skiing, archery and much more.

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By now I know these mountain profiles like the back of my hand. Sure gonna miss ’em.

Nothing like a bit of natural scenery to dwarf your ego.

Nothing like a bit of natural scenery to dwarf your ego.








The Ballad of Barry

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A Massive Monkey with a Heart of Gold

I wrote the following song for Barry, my new friend and former employer. Never did I have such a boss and never did I meet such a man. Getting to know Barry was a barrier-breaking experience and I leave his company with a few less prejudices.

So far, he is the only one I know who can consistently call me bitch, cunt and dickhead and still make me feel appreciated. So in reciprocal appreciation I dedicated this song to Barry aka The Cyclone.

I’ve recorded the song but since I cannot presently upload audio files, just imagine a Neil Young-like melody, played on a Western Guitar with a shaker and a choir of happy volunteers on the chorus.

The Ballad of Barry

If you’re feeling merry
No matter who you are
Come and hang with Barry
At Camp Moogerah

He is full of fun
Shining like a golden sun
(He’s a pure blonde)
Take you by surprise
‘Til you realize
What a friend you won

There is something funky
Something young and old
‘Bout this massive monkey
‘Got a heart of gold


And forever after
Though we say our goodbyes
We will hear his laughter
See his smiling eyes

You are full of fun
Shining like a golden sun
(You’re a pure blonde)
Take us by surprise
‘Til we realize
What a friend we’ve won

Now where did that image go?