That’s my name.

I got my first suitcase when I was three. Being in a vehicle or on a vessel makes me relax. Going new places is not only my greatest passion, it is simply how I exist.

I was born in privileged and peaceful Scandinavia and my passport is my prize possession.

I am a global nomad, living an improvised life in a world of possibilities.

I am also a conscious manifestation of life on this planet. So are you.

Permanence is a Hope & Mystery is my God.

Life is a Present now.




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  1. holly
    May 15, 2013 @ 15:01:06

    Hi. My name is Holly. Im currently on working holiday in Australia as well. You have a great writing skills! WOOW! I am pretty impressed. I am currently in Melbourne but going to head to Gold coast next week! 🙂 I wanna go to Nimbin and do hospitality works there but Im not sure if there will be any available jobs for me since nimbin is a pretty small town. But I will get there eventually! Yay~ I admire your free spirit and wish you the best luck:)


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