The Last Picture Ever…

All things must pass said my favorite Beatle, George Harrison. Even nifty little cameras have an expiry date. The other day I went to the spectacular Wharariki Beach here in Golden Bay, New Zealand, and while I was personally appreciating the extremely fine sand-grains, my camera did not, unfortunately, survive a close encounter.

The sand got inside the cogs of the lens and the camera wouldn’t start again. Thinking that it was already dead, I thought I would give it a go with fixing it myself. The result was interesting enough but nowhere near a functioning camera… At least when I finally got to open the lens-bit, I could conclude that I couldn’t have fixed it anyway so it didn’t matter that I hadn’t a clue in the world how to put it all back together again.

Now where did that image go?

At least my Canon Ixus Powershot had a wonderful view on its deathbed…

And so it is that I have taken the last picture ever, at least with that camera. To put it mildly; that is f….ng crap, bollox, !@#¤!§, damn! and MAN THAT SUCKS!

Next week I will be doing a trip around the South Island here in New Zealand and so if you have a spare camera floating about somewhere and feel like donating it to someone who is about to travel one of the world’s most beautiful places without a camera, then please do let me know…


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