A Remarkable Encounter

Here is my latest entry on my page called Remarkable Encounters. Enjoy!



(aka David & Phoebe)

There are those who preach a better way of life and then there are those who live it. In a time where climate activists jet-plane across continents and latte-sipping revolutionaries nurture their online identities, Phoebe & David are simply pulling the plug. And when the oil runs out, I know they will be ready for it.

We’re talking getting off the grid and off the system. Enter intentional community. Call it anarchy, hippie, radical, left wing or even libertarian. Franny and Peebee call it Ponyland. The place where rainbows end – in muffins and in friends. Backed by a band of caring and capable queers from Australia and beyond, they have put an inheritance to good use. A hundred acres of the world’s most ancient land has been freed for the force of love to manifest, henceforth known as Ponyland. They should have broadcast that in the news.

peebee and frani

Sounds pretty doesn’t it? Pretty hardcore too. People know how to use guns around here. Rural Australia isn’t for the faint-hearted either with all its natural hazards. Ponyland certainly has its share of killer critters, from ticks to spiders, all fashion of snakes and of course the endemic Homo Capitalismus (usually represented by mining companies and a mercenary police force).

The main shed is an Amish-Punk affair sprawling with piles of 18th century tools, a bush-style abattoir and enough gear to build a truck and throw a loud party on it. The library tells you everything you need to know about how to do anything yourself. I mean anything. It is like a DIY Google in a hard copy. It is also where I learnt about Australia’s bloody history and got informed of gender philosophy and permaculture.

hill billy hipsters

A queer couple with urban connections, international experience and an European genealogy may not sound very indigenous, but these guys are as native as they come. They love the Aussie vernacular and they will wash down some fresh road-kill with a home-brew any old day, and listen to Chad Morgan in their ute while they discuss local politics and the bulk price of Vegemite.

David has an unbelievable nerve and a ditto past. He’s been stabbed as a cab-driver, been arrested in Berlin, once went on a 10-year bender, and he is an accomplished and amazingly weird DJ and a martial arts expert. He is a most charming mess-maker and an instinctual peace-broker as well as a genuinely open lover and a devoted father. Did I mention he is smoking hot?

Phoebe is an incarnation of determination and humility. She is smoking hot too. Between them they probably supply hundreds of people with wet dreams. Phoebe seems blissfully unaware of this but many more than physical are the ways in which she enchants her admirers. Perhaps it is her Samoan and Danish Royal ancestry and her radical mother that makes her so good at counselling and gentle commanding. She’s got a flair for being fair, not least when it comes to giving her share. Perhaps it is her early years in Papua New Guinea that give those hypnotizing eyes their wild depth. Whatever it is I am definitely a fan.

cross eyed ponies

There are, of course, other ponies that make up Peebee and Francis’ equine family and thus make up Ponyland, but technically speaking it is this dedicated pair who own the place. I only mention this to underscore their humble ways about that fact. Not once in a year did I experience any of them use their ownership status against anyone. Instead I saw an openness and a will to cooperate that I have only observed in very few people on my travels trough this life.

It was therefore heart breaking and inspiring all at the same time to hear Phoebe’s reply one day, when I asked her if and when they would come visit me in Christiania: “I hope we don’t”, she said, “because that would mean the military industrial complex and the corporations will still be in power”. These guys are ready to give up the privileges of being 1st world citizens in return for a just and ecologically sound world, where discrimination is antiquated and humans steward the land instead of exploiting it. They have, in fact, already begun.


Roaming Pony Cornelius


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  1. Alex
    Nov 07, 2016 @ 07:45:10

    Hey mate! Its Alex here formerly of Black Rose. Get in touch if u wanna ! I’m up in Nimbin way these days. Just ran into this after a long late night and 150 tabs of web reading. Hope you’re well!


    • cornelius
      Nov 07, 2016 @ 08:13:33

      Hi Alex! Been a while 🙂 I am in Canada now, not sure if/when I will be back in lovely Nimbin again, but do enjoy the place a bit for me too, I love it there! Take care man!


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