A New Zealand Welcome

When I was still a little kid picking my nose and looking out the class room window with a dreamy look on my face, I found out that the closest land mass to the complete opposite point from Denmark on the globe was New Zealand. In other words, the country nick-named Kiwi is the furthest away from home that I could get without sitting in a boat. Having caught the travel bug at infancy, I felt compelled to go there as soon as I could.

Now where did that image go?

The world looks sort of different from here…

Today, roughly 25 years later, I have finally made it to the other side of the planet and although I have been fully conscious of getting here, I just still can’t believe how far away from home I am and it fills me with the kind of excitement that one feels on a roller coaster just before a massive drop. I am actually and factually upside down from all my friends and family back home. I see stars on the night sky that they can’t see and I’m closer to Antarctica than they are to the Arctic. Around here people go North to find a warmer spot and the Southerners are a rough bunch accustomed to freezing more than anything else. Just incredible…

Now where did that image go?

I was told that one day the rain will stop and then hopefully I will be able to take photos like this!

So what’s it like here in the homeland of the Hobbit, the country that won the World’s Best Tourist Destination Award 5 years in a row, the place that boasts more breath-taking views per capita than anywhere else and where one side of the coast has shimmering black sand on the beaches while the other side is all white pacific shores?

It is friggin cold is what it is! Since I arrived about a week ago I have barely seen the sun and I have had to wear my warmest clothes, including my ridiculously hideous home shoes which I was clever enough (thank god) to bring with me. The brochures didn’t say a word about this 😦

Now where did that image go?

My outrageously unfashionable “All Star Bears” home shoes. Notice the equally unfashionable odd colored socks. I gave up on matching up my socks a long time ago, they simply won’t.

In all fairness, though, it is only just getting around to spring here, and so I am eagerly (and not quite patiently) awaiting the coming of warmer days which I have been told are only a few weeks away. Other than feeling a wee bit cold, however, I am very very excited to be here. This is a dream of a country, it certainly has been in my dreams for years and now I can say it; I’m living the dream! Welcome into my life New Zealand, may we make the most of our new friendship!


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