Tank On A Toyota

Despite my initial disappointment with the endless miles of red tape in Australia, I have been happy still to find that some people will just do what it takes to get the job done. Like when that 60-odd-year-old crazy carpenter was sitting in the raised bucket of a back hoe while chainsawing away at a roof beam immediately above him.

Another example can be seen in the pictures below. We needed to move a water tank at Ponyland and instead of huffing and puffing and pushing it all the way up the hill (probably would have taken us all day) of course we just put in on the tray of Dave’s indestructable Toyota Hilux.

Now where did that image go?

4 wheel drive utility trucks rock!

Now where did that image go?

Looking at this picture now I fail to understand how we could conceive of such a seemingly crazy idea, but in the end it worked out really smooth, saved us a lot of trouble and gave us all a good laugh.


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