Where did I go?

It’s been around 5 months since I last posted anything on my blog here. “Why is that?”, you may rightfully ask. I have certainly asked myself that question a lot and here is the honest answer: I didn’t want to expose my life.

Thing is, I became in love with the most amazing, caring and inspiring woman I have ever met and suddenly I was more than just a “pretend” immigrant, I was actually looking for ways to stay in Australia. Suddenly my life and my experience was shared with someone too precious for me to write about for anyone and everyone to see online. She still is and since this blog is about my life and what I experience, I simply stopped writing about it.

Unfortunately, bureaucracy got in the way and with the help of my own damn restlessness and the incredible distance from Australia to my native Denmark where all of my family and most of my friends reside, I simply backed out.

It wasn’t easy. I gave up a new life, a family and possibly the best lover I will ever meet. To be honest I sometimes still ask myself why. To be even more honest, I am nearly crying as I write this. If you ever thought travelling was all about having fun and enjoying life all the time, then you probably haven’t done much travelling.

In any case, life goes on and being a rambling man, I have now journeyed on to New Zealand where I am picking up the pieces of my broken heart (don’t think I don’t know I broke it myself) and continuing my travels wherever they may take me.

That’s where I was and now I am here, ready to write again. Thank you for your patience.


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