Am I Square?

Here are the lyrics from my latest song. Hopefully soon someone will donate me a premium upgrade to this blog (nudge nudge) 🙂 so I can also upload audio and video. Then you can hear this song and the others I have written along my way. This one is called “am i square?”

am i there yet?

am i even here now?

feels like yesterday

tomorrow was so bright

take a chance and

take another revolution

take that same old song

and sing it again

i’m in love with you

tell me that you love me too

tell me all the things

i want to believe

if it is an illusion

why am i so broken now?

why i am i a fool to leave

a lifetime behind?

will i ever stop until

the end of the line?

until the end of time..?

and then there was the dream…

you were driving us

in my car, up the hill

only faith could pull us

up that hill

at the highest point

stood two ladders

but they were empty

when we got to the top

in that wooden house

there was much confusion

i woke up thinking that

i just didn’t know

but i can see clearly now

what a fucking idiot i am

nothing like the hero

that i wanted to be

i was just another guy

committed to me

not a family


on the road again

oh, i just can’t wait

to get my greedy feet

to give me a break

fire in me

fire in you too

we both got burnt

nothing we can do

and i wish now

that it wasn’t all in vain

i kiss your feet

and i’d do it all again

maybe one day

you’ll forgive me

i’m really dying

to be your friend

i know i called it but

i don’t want this end

i don’t want an end

i want to be your friend


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