A Carpenter’s Pride

While my heart was busy breaking itself into pieces, my hands were busy doing carpentry for Carolyn’s new bush-house in Nimbin, Australia. I got hired on as a carpenter despite my lack of certificates etc. and I really enjoyed working with the ever-present hardwood which seems like the only type of wood there is in Australia. Here are some samples of my work…

now where did that image go?

On this section I did all of the deck as well as the banister. Note the way the top of it “hugs” the bush pole. Took me a while to figure that one out…

Now where did that image go?

My very first stairs are shown here. With the help of mad dog Andy who’s been a builder for about 50 years, I finally got to make a nice set of steps, all in beautiful hardwood.

So, if anyone knows anyone around New Zealand who needs the help of a “chippie”, do let them know that I am available and on the look out for a bit of work!


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