Formidable Vegetable Sound System

There are those musicians who aim to express their innermost emotions in the most eloquent way possible. There are other musicians who aim to please and entertain their audience with great skill and humility. And then there are those musicians who step it all up a notch and do all of the above while at the same time educating us on how to save the world. Enter The Formidable Vegetable Sound System!

Now where did that image go?

The amazing, the innovative, the gorgeous, the world-saving; FORMIDABLE VEGETABLE SOUND SYSTEM!!!

My lovely friend Katrina from Ponyland, who forms half of the current band-setup with muso Charlie as the other half, only told me about this gem of a project after I’d known her for half a year. I couldn’t believe her humbleness – if it had been my project I wouldn’t shut up about how exciting and interesting and original and great this is!

Now where did that image go?


So, what is it? Well, sometimes you just have to let the music video speak for itself. Other than that, as a copy writer in my own right, I take off my hat in deep respect for the words they’ve put together on their website. I highly doubt that I could do it any better so I have simply copy/pasted the website wording at the end of this post for your edutainment.

Now where did that image go?

Who wouldn’t want to see a band who makes a poster this awesome?!

As I am writing this, Charlie & Katrina are spreading the good words and sounds on the streets of New York. They recently started a world tour which will take them across the globe in 6 months, including my own favorite home community of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. I hope you all get a chance to see them live and that you will help me spread the news around you that the world is now officially a better place; The Formidable Vegetable Sound System has landed!

Now where did that image go again?

In case you didn’t get it: Let us turn up the radish (radical) beats and rock it!

The following text is plain and simply stolen directly from the official website without any inquiry, permission or feelings of remorse whatsoever 🙂 :

 Formidable Vegetable Sound System is an uplifting new experiment in‘ecological edutainment’ that mashes together speakeasy electroswing-style wonk and live vocabulous ukulele quirk that aims to pound simple solutions of sustainability deep into your consciousness with a decent serving of Radish Beets.

By busting out their live show and following it up with a workshop on the principles of permaculture (a sustainable design science) at some later time and place, Formidable Vegetable Sound System has been a raging success on the Australian festival circuit with packed dancefloors and workshops alike at internationally renowned festivals such as Eclipse 2012 Festival, Rainbow Serpent and Woodford Festival.

With music being one of the best tools for getting the word out there, globetrotting permaculture troubadour, Charlie Mgee has dedicated the last couple of years to composing a repertoire of swingin’ tunes on a ukulele addressing the 12 principles of permaculture in various musical styles ranging from ‘energy-descent electroswing’ and ‘climate-change reggae’ to ‘peak-oil polka’, all of which make for an eccentrically entertaining, if not unforgettable dancefloor experience when smashed through the sound system.


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