Red Transit – Sunset Sky For Mark

Red Sun Looking At Me

I’m in Tweed Heads with an open heart. Catching a flight to Sydney tonight to support my friend Tash, whose brother passed away last night after a hard and difficult fight against cancer. He leaves behind Jayden and Emily, two of the sweetest children I’ve met. Bless them.

Tweed Heads lies in the State of New South Wales but is actually a twin town with the suburb Coolangatta in the State of Queensland. This is where the Gold Coast airport is, right on the border. The runway even goes across from one state to the next, with airplanes effectively taking off into a different time zone, at least when New South Wales has their clocks on daylight savings.

Dreamy Sky Over Gold Coast


This is normal I guess, random at most, lots of towns sit on borders and planes fly across datelines every other minute, but on this evening of transit and transformation, it seems like circumstance has offered me a deep moment of natural symbolism.

Smoking Sun

Crossing into new territory, from land to sky, from day to night, I witness the rarest of sunsets. The big fire in the sky is on my left and it is all red, I can look straight at it. I’ve got a national park ahead of me and the science fiction-like skyline of  the tourist town Surfers Paradise on my right. After that is the endless Pacific Ocean, the sea of peace. Night is falling with darkening fingers from a cloud that looks like smoke from a campfire.

Left Sun - Right City

All the colors have come out to celebrate life, to send it off and welcome it back. I’ve never met Mark, the young father who went back to the source last night, but I have seen how much love he has given his son Jayden and his daughter Emily. And I feel my friend Tash’ grief even before I’ve arrived at her side.

Strings Of Cloud - Ember Of Sun

I swear he is inside the sunset somehow, as I stand and receive the salute from the sun to a son, a brother and a father. Safe journey Mark, you raised your children well and I will make sure that I tell your sister that. I promise we will look after her for you. We are many in this world who love her as much as I know that you did.

Fare Well.


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  1. martinkargaardthomsen
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 20:36:05

    What a beautiful piece of light


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