Formidable Vegetable Sound System

There are those musicians who aim to express their innermost emotions in the most eloquent way possible. There are other musicians who aim to please and entertain their audience with great skill and humility. And then there are those musicians who step it all up a notch and do all of the above while at the same time educating us on how to save the world. Enter The Formidable Vegetable Sound System!

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The amazing, the innovative, the gorgeous, the world-saving; FORMIDABLE VEGETABLE SOUND SYSTEM!!!

My lovely friend Katrina from Ponyland, who forms half of the current band-setup with muso Charlie as the other half, only told me about this gem of a project after I’d known her for half a year. I couldn’t believe her humbleness – if it had been my project I wouldn’t shut up about how exciting and interesting and original and great this is!

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Red Transit – Sunset Sky For Mark

Red Sun Looking At Me

I’m in Tweed Heads with an open heart. Catching a flight to Sydney tonight to support my friend Tash, whose brother passed away last night after a hard and difficult fight against cancer. He leaves behind Jayden and Emily, two of the sweetest children I’ve met. Bless them.

Tweed Heads lies in the State of New South Wales but is actually a twin town with the suburb Coolangatta in the State of Queensland. This is where the Gold Coast airport is, right on the border. The runway even goes across from one state to the next, with airplanes effectively taking off into a different time zone, at least when New South Wales has their clocks on daylight savings.

Dreamy Sky Over Gold Coast



Julinbah Yowarl Revisited

Some of you might remember a post I wrote about half a year ago (when I was still attempting to fit a novel into a blog-post) about a very special event called Rainbow Corroboree, or Julinbah Yowarl in the native tongue of the Bunjalung people.

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Every aboriginal ceremonial dance that I have seen so far, starts with a cleansing dance. Using branches with fresh leaves for “brooms” and lots of smoke, the cleansing dance is a way to clear away any bad spirits before the corroborree.

The Julinbah Yowarl Rainbow Corroborree is held twice a year on every equinox . Instigated by the Bunjalung steward and holder of the local songlines, Lewis Walker, the event is a colorful celebration of Aboriginal culture and a way of building bridges between white and black Australia.


Cornton Goes His Separate Ways

Sometimes I just have to stop and say a big “thank you” to my life for all the great characters I come across on my journey. One of them is my best buddy Anton, whom I’ve known for many a year and shared many a wonder with. I can’t even begin to describe what a good man he is. Anyone who has met him will know what I mean. What can I say, I hope you meet him one day, he will brighten your world without the shadow of a doubt.

For the last 4 months we’ve shared everything but sex to put it frankly. Our friend Corrie, with her lovely talent for teasing, calls us Cornton, and we have merged into some kind of twin-creature: All the time seeking advice from each other, working together, owning a car together, eating every meal together, saying the same lame jokes to each other and working out every challenge ahead as a team.

Now where did that image go?

This photo was taken at the Eclipse Festival in North Queensland, 2012, by a Japanese photographer using an analogue camera. He promised to send the picture by mail once he had developed the film back in Japan. I never thought he would, but hey, some people are just awesome like that.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much intense time with anyone and had so little arguing and so much mutual support. It’s been a great ride and a learning experience, driven by a shared apetite for life; for living and understanding it.

Alas, even good times must pass and now Anton’s visa has run out. I’m confidently looking forward to seeing his broad smile again some day somewhere on the planet. Until then, peace be upon you brother, may you wander and wonder well and come back with a tale to tell.

See you out there, somewhere, some day.

PS: Say hello to the Himalayas from me, tell them I said to look after you. No broken bones, alright?