The Heart Flyer Man

Today I met a guy in the streets of Byron Bay. He handed me a flyer that went like this:

Step onto Your Throne… You Are a Be-ing of Infinite Majesty… This is Your Life… This is Your World.-.. This is Your Sacred Earth… For You are… The True Queen & The True King of Your Self… You Are the True Champion of the Wild Free Spirit of Love & Joy that Lives & Burns Within Your very own Heart… Conragutalations for Believing in Your Self !! Conragutalations for Trusting in Your Self !! Conragutalations for Daring to Listen to Your own Heart and all-ways Being True to Your own Inner Wild Free Spirit… When You Love Your Self in a Natural, Healthy, & Conscious way, & when You Love All Sacred Earth Beings equally unconditionally, Your True Spirit Shines Brilliantly as The Wild Golden Sun… etc. etc.

It struck me that it wasn’t a commercial for anything nor did it seem to have any agenda other than empowering the reader out of sheer good will.

I promptly turned around and started a conversation with the sweet looking young Asian-descent fella who beamed a smile at me the size of a watermelon slice. “Who are you?”, I tried. “You should be saying who are you-me”, he replied making a double pointing gesture to us both and smiling at my blank expression.

He then went on to perform a 3-minute lecture/mime on how to go about staying in the present moment by keeping your attention on your breath, all the while jumping around the pavement to enact various stages of consciousness: “Breathe in is to take in new energy, breathe out is to dissolve the clouds and give thanks, stay in your breath and you stay in the moment”.

How rare to meet someone who serves his fellow man so directly and hands-on as this guy! After his “show” he offered to send me all his flyers in an email. I have just received them, 20 hand-made and beautiful, well meaning, A4 sized flyers – all in the service of the soul. I’ve picked one of them out for you to enjoy. Bless his heart!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nat
    Sep 10, 2014 @ 01:06:30

    I met this man too he was lovely. The A4 paper flyer things wont open? could i still get them somehow?


  2. Nat
    Sep 10, 2014 @ 01:17:24

    i would love to receive his flyers via email. i had one but i lost it : (


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